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Atomy Malaysia Breaking New Records Since Opening 2016

By on Nov 20, 2016 in Atomy, Atomy Malaysia | 0 comments

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Ever since Atomy Malaysia Website is launched on 14 November 2016, along with the Malaysia Member Registration and Online Shopping! Take a look at some of the Statistics of the Membership Registration and Online Shopping Sales.


According to reports,

Ever since Member Registration commenced on 14 November 2016 (10.00am Local Time), by around evening 6:00pm, the company Atomy Malaysia Snd Bhd received the membership registration of more than 26,400.


By 15th November, 12:00pm, total Malaysia Membership Registration received by Atomy Malaysia company hits 84,400!


By 17th November, 1:00am, total Malaysia Membership Registration hits a Final Tally of 117,700!


Thus far, by the first week, for Online Shopping Sales, more than 300,000 sets of products have been sold on the Online Shopping Website of Atomy Malaysia. Should you check the Online Shopping Mall of Atomy Malaysia, you will find a lot of items are already sold out.


Now, that is some World Record Breaking News set by Atomy Malaysia Members!




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