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Congratulations to New Atomy Singapore Sales Master from Atomy SG Team

By on Apr 9, 2015 in Atomy SG Team, Atomy Singapore | 0 comments

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On behalf of Atomy SG Team, we will like to extend the following congratulations to the following who have achieved masterships for the month of March 2015.


1.   Mr Ee Ching Yun (New Atomy Singapore Sales Master)

2.   Mr Winson Lai (Retained Sales Mastership)

3.   Mr Terence Tan (Retained Sales Mastership)


For those who achieved Atomy Sales Mastership, each of the Sales Master is awarded a share of the 10% World Pool Bonus (Mastership and Master Bonus, approximately S$550.00) and for those who are first-time Sales Master, they are given the Promotion Prize of 2 Skin Care 6 System Sets and 1 Evening Care 4 Set (Worth S$528.00).


Once again, Congratulations to the above individuals who have performed well and Atomy SG Team will like to encourage all other Team Members to continue to work hard and to become the next New Atomy Singapore Sales Master.



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